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The Aquinas SCRIP program directly supports students by allowing families to make purchases of gift (scrip) cards for everyday items.Each family is required to meet the $200 profit obligation each school year.  

All Aquinas supporters can purchase scrip and the profit will go into the scholarship fund.  We are also now using an online ordering process.  If you are interested in purchasing scrip online and giving the profit to Aquinas, please follow the link to ShopwithScrip.  See details below.

Scrip is sold Wednesday and Friday mornings before school (7:15 AM to 8:00 AM), Thursday afternoon (2:15 PM-3:00 PM) in the North Parking Lot. You can fill out the order form, located below and drop it off in the main office any time for your order to be processed. 

A full list of vendors can be found below
In addition to fulfilling your scrip obligation by buying physical scrip cards from the scrip cart at school, Aquinas also offers you the option of purchasing some brands of “virtual” scrip online. Guidelines for scrip purchases are as follows:
- Aquinas Scrip cart – Only Physical cards - Online – Only ScripNow and/or Reload of physical cards purchased at AHS.

- If an online vendor offers only physical scrip cards, speak to the volunteers at the scrip cart about having the cards special ordered for you. Do not order physical cards online. Please note, Stater Bros. should not be purchased online.

Step by step instructions for signing up and ordering scrip on-line
You will need to both Register for a scrip account, and set up/verify a PrestoPay account before you are able to order online. Read through all instructions (parts I – IV) before your first order.
I. Setting up scrip account for online ordering
1. Go to 2. Click the gray “REGISTER” button in the upper right hand corner of the page. 3. Click on the blue button that says “Join a Scrip Program”. 4. Enroll – enter the Aquinas Enrollment code:8C67L9C813381 in the box, then click on the blue button “REGISTER” 5. Register – a. Step 1 - Enter a Username (such as a name or email address) b. Step 2 – Create and confirm your password following the on-screen requirements. c. Step 3 - Enter your account information. Please be complete - of the optional entries, you must enter your Student’s Name so that we can credit purchases to the correct family. d. Step 4 – Enter and confirm your email address. This is the address that ShopWithScrip will use to confirm your orders and the AHS online scrip coordinator will use to communicate with you. e. Step 5 – Create your security questions f. Step 6 – Click on the blue “REGISTER” button 6. This completes the creation of the account you will need to ORDER scrip. You must continue with the next set up instructions for setting up the account you will use to PAY for the scrip.

II. Setting up account to PAY for online order
7. When you have completed the above registration, log back on, if necessary, and go to the gray “SIGN IN” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. (continued next page….) 8. Click on “Dashboard”, and then from the list near the bottom middle of the screen select “Payment Types” (the list is located below the yellow star next to “View ScripNow”) 9. Follow the instructions for setting up “Online Payments (PrestoPay)” to set up the payment account (similar to a PayPal account) a. You will be asked to enter your Bank Name and Account Name, and to select whether you want the funds to come from Checking or Savings. b. Depending on which account you choose, you will be prompted to supply the Routing and Account numbers. c. You’ll also need to enter your name, address, phone, and some other personal information to complete the account information. d. You will also need to create a 4-digit PIN 10. Once you have supplied all of the necessary information and your bank account has been verified, you will receive notification from ShopWithScrip that you can now pay for orders using PrestoPay. 11. IMPORTANT: Please Note!! This is the ONLY allowable way to pay for orders for Aquinas families. If you choose to pay by check, you order will be deleted. 12. Questions/problems can be sent to

III. Shopping for scrip online – PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY!!!!!
Shopping online is an easy and convenient way to fulfill your AHS fundraising obligation, and even make some money towards next year’s fees. Certain rules must be followed.
1. Order only ScripNow or Reload physical cards that you purchased from AHS. DO NOT order physical cards or your order will be delayed and you will NOT receive credit toward your obligation. 2. Always check your “cart” to make sure that the words “ScripNow” or “Reload” are included with each item in your cart before you approve the purchase. 3. Use only PrestoPay to purchase the scrip. Do not select to pay by check, or your order will be deleted and you will need to reorder and pay via PrestoPay. 4. Remember that ScripNow can be sent to an email address which makes it perfect for last minute gifts and gifts for those who live far away.
IV. Using your smartphone to order scrip at home or “on the go.”
To order using your phone and you have a smartphone, install the mobile website: It is supported by Safari and Chrome. There is no need to set up a separate account for this feature – it will work with the ShopWithScrip account you created earlier.
Revised 7 September 2018