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The Aquinas SCRIP program directly supports students by allowing families to make purchases of gift (scrip) cards for everyday items.Each family is required to meet the $200 profit obligation each school year.  

All Aquinas supporters can purchase scrip and the profit will go into the scholarship fund.  We are also now using an online ordering process.  If you are interested in purchasing scrip online and giving the profit to Aquinas, please follow the link to ShopwithScrip.  See details below.

Scrip is sold Wednesday and Friday mornings before school (7:15 AM to 8:00 AM), Thursday afternoon (2:15 PM-3:00 PM) in the North Parking Lot. You can fill out the order form, located below and drop it off in the main office any time for your order to be processed. 

A full list of vendors can be found below
Now SCRIP easier than ever!!!
The Scrip Team is excited to announce that we will now be offering online scrip ordering!

Imagine being able to order approved scrip brands and have it available minutes later!  Or how about allowing your relatives across the country to be able to do the same thing and YOU get the fundraising credit?  You can also purchase and send the scrip as gifts by email - no more late birthday presents!

To make the ordering and bookkeeping work as smoothly as possible, the AHS Scrip Team is offering this feature through the Great Lakes Scrip website with certain limitations. We must limit online scrip purchases to their "ScripNow" and "Reload" programs (only "Reloads" of cards originally purchased through AHS will work), and you MUST pay for your online purchases through a PrestoPay account, which is also set up through

To begin, you must complete this two-step process:

1.Set up an account on the website. You will be asked to provide a username and password. A few security questions, which you get to choose, are also required. You will be asked for an enrollment code. Email to get the Aquinas High School enrollment code. Go to Step Two BEFORE you place an order.

2. Set up a PrestoPay account. Choose the bank account that you would like to have the money drawn from for your purchase. After a few days and some attempts on the part of PrestoPay to make contact with your account, you will receive an approval code. You will need to email this code to along with your family name and username in order for the Scrip Team to complete your enrollment.

Once you have completed these two steps, you will be able to order ScripNow and print it on your own printer within minutes, or, Reload an existing card that you purchased through AHS and have it ready to use the next day.  A nominal $0.15 fee (that's 15 cents) will be added to each order.

Please note: The ShopWithScrip website will allow you to order "normal" plastic scrip cards, BUT, we are not supporting this feature, you will not receive fundraising credit, and it may take months before you receive your cards!  Do NOT do this!

The AHS Scrip Team is excited about this new service and hopes it will provide you with even more opportunities to buy scrip and fulfill your fundraising obligation.