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iPad in the Classrom

Aquinas’ award winning technology program is designed to integrate seamlessly throughout the curriculum. This is achieved not only through direct student use of technology, but also in the way that the technology provides a different approach to teaching and learning overall. The extensive use of this technology enables the Aquinas faculty and staff to address all learners using a wide variety of techniques to ensure mastery of the material.

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What is Dropbox?

 Dropbox is a free application that allows you to share documents, pictures and video with family, friends and even teachers! As long as you have any email account you are able to share instantly anywhere you go! Aquinas is using dropbox as the main method to turn in homework. As well as sharing documents digitally so there is access to them outside the classroom.
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What is Apple TV?

Using Apple TV, teachers can wirelessly stream, through AirPlay, the content on their iPad to the board. This allows for easier teaching and much more efficient classes. Teachers are allowed to use it throughout the school. Each Apple TV is installed with a full sound system with speakers mounted either on the wall or ceiling. In some classes the students are allowed to project their project on the screen for easier presentations.

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What Is RenWeb?

RenWeb is used for our grading system, attendance, lesson plans and homework. RenWeb is also used for advancement alumni relations and fundraising.Student's are able to check grades see lesson plans for the day if they are absent. Student's can also submit classwork or download teacher resources. For parent's they are able to see behavior reports email teacher's directly and see teacher comments. You may also check on your student's progress in each class and even see what upcoming assignments they have due. You can download the RenWeb app to access via smartphone.

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What is Notability?

Notability is an application that allows you to take notes. It turns the iPad into a notebook and allows you to change the color of your paper, allows you to highlight and customize your font size and color. You can import any type of documents into Notability and neatly organize your notes and create separate folders for each class. Notability allows you to make audio recordings and even send documents to dropbox, email and Google Drive! Notability allows you to print documents from the application itself. This is now offered as a free app for IOS7.

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What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is an application that allows students to create documents, presentations and spreadsheets all online from their iPad. Everything  they create is safely stored on their "drive" online. It can be accessed from any device through their Google account. Students can aslso share what they have with teachers in a way that allows teachers to give helpful comments and insight to their documents.

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What is Keynote?

Keynote is an application that allows you to make powerpoint presentations. Through AirPlay the student's can display their presentation on the board for easy display. Keynote allows you to share presentations with teachers and classmates efficiently.