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President's Message

President's Message



School year 2016-2017 was another great year for Aquinas. Coming off the anniversary year spirit was high and enthusiasm was great. Continued improvements were seen throughout the school. The Academic Council continued its on-going work of providing the very best curriculum to prepare our students for college. The on-going use of the iPad technology, the further initiation of the block schedule and the implementation of new course offerings provided the excellent opportunity for student growth.


Athletics are always a favorite of the students and this year they were definitely thrilled with the performances of our teams, both boys and girls. Just about every team progressed to the CIF playoffs with the football team getting to the championship game only to lose by one point in the closing moments. With the performances of this year and the returning athletes, the 17-18 season should be quite an interesting one for most teams. Win or lose we are proud of our student athletes.


Of the most importance to us is the spiritual formation of the students. Through the leadership of the Campus Ministry Program, the Religion classes and the support of the faculty. We are grateful for the opportunities that have been developed for the students and parents. Our mission challenges us to form these young men and women to be leaders in the light and truth of the Gospel of Jesus and that is what we are doing are best to do.


Like last year, there will be many activities and loads of occasions for Alumni and friends to become engaged with Aquinas. The Homecoming Game and the Holy War should be exceptionally exciting this year. As usual we will have an Alumni Zone prepared for the Alumni that make it to Homecoming.


While in 2016-2017 we began to build. In 2017-2018 we will see the hopes and dreams of the new Performing Arts Center rise up. We have lived through the construction phase and now anxiously await the time when we will be able to enjoy these new buildings. What a blessing to have the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, Shea Family Charities and our loyal supporters.


We are most grateful for the on-going support of the Aquinas Alumni and Friends. Without your support, the great students of this area might not have the Aquinas experience which can certainly prepare them for their next step in their career.


Many thanks for all that you do for these deserving students. I hope to see you on campus soon.


My prayers and best wishes



Dr. Jim Brennan