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Mission Statement & ISOs


(Who We Are)


Aquinas High School, being rooted in the Catholic tradition and teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas, is a community dedicated to providing its students with:

●  A faith filled learning environment that is Christ centered, emphasizing diversity, social justice and service to one’s community.
●  An appreciation for education as a lifelong process built on leadership and self reflection.
●  A learning environment that develops a student’s intrinsic motivation and emotional intelligence within a collaborative setting.                                                           
●  Equitable educational experiences established through rigorous study, arts, technology, and creative thinking.                               
●  Opportunities to become effective communicators, independent learners, critical thinkers, and innovators.                                                                                                           
●  A variety of athletics and co-curricular activities that support their physical, mental, and social well-being.


(What We Do)


Aquinas’ mission is to form, through Catholic education, young men and women to be servant leaders in the light and truth of the Gospel of Jesus.  



(How We Get There)


Aquinas High School's vision is to support its students spiritually, physically, emotionally, and intellectually so they are prepared to be leaders of change for the future. We strive to create an active, student-centered learning environment build on collaboration, creativity, and technological proficiency while valuing service, equity, and academic rigor. 

Integral Student Outcomes

1. Students Are Aware of Catholic/Christian Faith and Values as Evidenced By:

a  Practicing Gospel justice through service

b  Taking responsibility for actions and behavior

c  Exhibiting principles of love, hope, and leadership

d  Obtaining knowledge of Catholic/Christian faith

2. Students Are Effective Communicators as Evidenced By:

a  Presenting ideas and concepts clearly, concisely, and competently

b  Demonstrating active listening

c  Expressing ideas creatively

3. Students Have Acquired the Skills to Become Life-Long Learners as Evidenced By:

a  Critically researching, analyzing, organizing, and applying information and ideas

b  Learning from the world and its diversity

c  Utilizing technology in an academic and ethical manner

d  Effectively using time for emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual needs