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Campus Ministry Events

Annual Events 
For a complete list of all events, please visit our calendar. 

Class Retreats for Grades 9-11

Throughout the year our Campus Ministry Team and Retreat Team provide the follow student-lead retreats:


Joyful Noise (Freshmen): Using music and the Psalms as a basis, the goal of this retreat is to bring teens into intimate and honest relationship with God through the Sacraments, Scripture, prayer, worship, and community.

Virtuous Reality (Sophomore Males) / Shake Your Beauty (Sophomore Females): In this one-day retreat, young men and women will partake in separate experiences based on the Church’s four cardinal virtues. Teens will be challenged to live a virtuous life that points them toward God.

Thrive (Junior Retreat): The goal of this retreat is to help Juniors take greater ownership of their faith as they head toward high school graduation.

Junior High Retreats

Unstoppable (Junior High)This retreat is based on the life of St. Paul. The goal of Unstoppable is for the youth to encounter the incredible power of God's grace in order to convert and transform their lives, making them Unstoppable evangelists!

The Seuss is Loose (Eighth Grade): The goal of this retreat is to help the youth understand conformity and identify the dangers of trying to fit in, while challenging them to walk their own walk with Christ, especially in the next phase of their life as they prepare to become high school students. 

Vicariate Games 

Throughout the year, vicariates have been participating in various competitions and accumulating points in their quest for the Vicariate trophy. The year culminates in the annual Vicariate games in May. Vicariates will participate in games on the Aquinas football field, testing their ability to work as a team as well as physical skills such as speed, strength, and agility. The points earned during this competition are applied to the points earned throughout the year to determine the ultimate champion and recipient of coveted trophy! 

Food and Clothing Drives

The Campus Ministry Team holds at least one food/clothing drive a year to support the Redlands Family Association during the holidays. Students work within their Vicariates to bring food/clothing donations to support this local non-profit organization in their mission to provide holiday meals to local families. In addition to this annual drive, we support the annual Pajama drive for the Loma Linda Children's Hospital, which is organized by our school's ASB. 

Community Service Day


This annual event takes place in the spring. Each vicariate leader plans and supervises their group of Aquinas students at a participating local non-profit organizations or Catholic partner school. Students perform various service for the day including preparing materials for parish religious education classes, assisting teachers in classrooms, sorting clothing and food at food banks, preparing lunch meals at local food banks, general cleaning and maintenance at local facilities for the homeless, battered women, and temporary homes for families with sick children in local hospitals.